Blend Additives

Plant-based Feed Grade Oil

Nutrinza’s plant based oil is the ideal product to include in feed blends to address dust related issues at minimal inclusion rates

Nutritional Benefits



  • Is suppresses dust at very low inclusion rates. Normally only a 1% inclusion is all that is required to suppress dust. Less dust has the following tangible benefits:

    • Removes cow respiratory health issues (e.g. pneumonia) caused by feed dust inhalation.

    • Less wastage as it reduces the feed blown out of in-shed feed troughs.

    • Largely eliminates eye irritation in the dairy shed for staff.

  • No build-up of feed on feed auger systems (compared to molasses for example). This reduces time consuming unblocking and cleaning of in-shed feed systems and silos.
    Less wear of feed systems motors and augers due to the lubricating effect of oil.

  • Oil is one of the highest energy feed sources available. It has a ME of 37kJ/kg DM. Added at 1% of the feed lifts ME by an average of 1.25MJ/kg DM.

  • Adding oil to blends reduce the possibility of feed separation, especially finer minerals, during transport and silo storage.

  • Due to the special application method used in the Nutrinza blending process, the oil is thoroughly mixed in the feed.  The feed stays dry.

  • On a DM and ME basis it offers better value for money compared to PKE/Molasses mixes currently available in the market.

  • Due to the lower sugar and higher dry matter % the shelf life of blends containing oil is longer than blends containing molasses.

Feeding Recommendations



Dust suppression in blends is achieved at an inclusion rate of only 1%.
Slightly higher inclusion rates can be considered for blends containing very dusty products or have a higher than normal mineral inclusion.

Typical Nutritional Analysis



  • DM 100%

  • ME (MJME/kg DM) 37

  • Crude Protein 100%

  • NDF 0%