Dairy feed


A highly-proven, rumen protected bypass fat, Megalac is a source of energy to support body condition, fertility and production. A calcium salt of palm fatty acids, Megalac is one of the most energy dense feeds available.

Nutritional Benefits



Highly Digestible Energy

  • ME = 33.3 MJ/kg DM

  • 96% digestibility from in vivo studies

    Minimise Body Condition Loss with Bypass Energy

  • Helps fill the energy gap of early lactation to minimise condition lost

  • Increases energy of diet without increasing acid load in the rumen

  • Avoid disruption to fibre digesting bacteria in the rumen

    Supports Fertility

  • Grazing study showed a 5% improvement in 6 week in-calf-rate and 9% improvement in conception rate when fed 250g Megalac/cow/day

  • 45% unsaturated fatty acids including oleic acid (C18:1)

  • Improved energy balance supports fertility and in-calf outcomes

  • Supports progesterone production to maintain early pregnancy

    Increases Milk Production

  • Improved milk solids production by 4.7% in a study completed on grazing cows offered 250g Megalac/day,

  • 18 additional studies show an average increase of +2.3 litres/cow/day when fed 500g Megalac per day

  • Increases milk fat percentage

  • More milk produced per kg of DM intake

Over 13% less methane produced per kg milk produced = more efficient production

Feeding Recommendations



Feed between 0.2 to 0.5 kg/c/d.

Product available as part of your blend from the Mount, Stratford and Marsden Point stores. Also available direct to farm in 25 kg bags (1 tonne minimum delivery) or 800 kg bulk bags (1.6 tonne minimum delivery).