Calf Feed

Mighty Max Calf Grower


Supercharged Growth

Nutritional Benefits



Mighty Max Calf Grower is built to grow calves and is not built on a low cost calculator like most are.  We have worked with professionals around the world to build Mighty Max Grower.

The energy and protein has been put together to maximize growth.

Mighty Max Grower contains Bovatecâ„¢ for control of coccidiosis as well as a MOS probiotic for good health.

Bovatec® is a registered product under the ACVM Act 1997, A9679

Feeding Recommendations



Feed from day 4 to weaning ad-lib to maximize intake and growth.
Calves will nibble as soon as they have access to feed.


  • 20kg bags (with molasses)

  • Bulk for silos (molasses inside pellet)

  • 1T Bulk Bags (molasses inside pellet)

Minimum quantity applies for bulk and bulk bags

Typical Nutritional Analysis



ME MJME/kg DM 12
Crude Protein 18%
NDF 24%