Calf Feed

Mega Max Calf Starter


Rumen Development

Nutritional Benefits



A mixture of whole grains and a protein pellet provide a combination that has been designed to maximize early rumen development. The whole grains provide the starch for growth and development without causing acidosis to the young calf.

It has been trialed in America on 250,000 calves and used widely in the industry. We have also trialed the product in New Zealand on more than 2500 calves and seen great results.

The calves love the whole grains and cud them like cows do grass, which provides the saliva to build the rumen of the infant calf .

Mega Max calf starter contains Bovatecâ„¢ for control of coccidiosis as well as a MOS probiotic for good health.

Feeding Recommendations



Mega Max Calf Starter is designed to be fed ad-lib from 4 days of age until weaning. There is no need for straw or hay to be fed as the fibre is provided by the grains in the feed.
Calves will nibble as soon as they have access to feed.


  • 20kg bags (with molasses)

  • Bulk for silos (molasses inside pellet)

  • 1T Bulk Bags (molasses inside pellet)

Minimum quantity applies for bulk and bulk bags




Bovatec® is a registered product under the ACVM Act 1997, A9679